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Whether your pet is a dog or cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, rat, or mouse, they will receive excellent, knowledgeable care from the veterinarians, registered veterinary technologists, and staff at the Machray Animal Hospital in North-Central Winnipeg. We offer comprehensive veterinarian services including:

  • check-ups & exams

  • vaccinations

  • spay/neutering

  • end of life care

  • in-house pharmacy and laboratory for:

    • urinalysis

    • cytology

    • blood counts

    • blood chemistry

    • X-ray services

    • stool sample evaluation

Smiling veterinarian with small dog
Veterinary administering medication to a cat

🐾 Medicine

Veterinary medicine encompasses:

  • complete health assessments

  • discussion of medical concerns

  • diagnosing diseases


At Machray Animal Hospital, we believe that regular visits to the veterinarian will help you and your pet’s doctor identify any potential signs of concern or illness throughout every stage of your pet’s life. Furthermore, regular vaccination and parasite control will help keep your pet healthy.


Contact us today to inquire about veterinary medical care for your furry friend.

🐾 Preventative Care

Preventative Care is at the heart of our clinic because as animal guardians and veterinarians, we understand that your pet is a delicate being whose health can quickly become endangered by seemingly benign things:

  • viruses

  • tick and flea bites

  • lack of dental care

  • dietary imbalances


While we offer care for sick pets at Machray Animal Hospital, we much prefer providing “an ounce of prevention” over “a pound of cure.” With 40 years of experience, we believe your animal friends would agree.


Contact us today to learn more about your pet’s vaccinations, parasite control, wellness, and other needs.

Small dog and cat at the veterinary clinic
Grey cat having ultrasound scan in veterinary clinic, closeup

🐾 Diagnostic Imaging

At our clinic in North-Central Winnipeg, we have on-site digital X-ray equipment that enables us to quickly create detailed internal medical images and treat your pet more effectively. We also provide ultrasound imaging which gives us real-time imaging of your pet’s internal organs. This is especially useful where abdominal injury is suspected or to diagnose diseases of internal organs as well as pregnancy. We can make copies of all imaging for your own records or for referral to another facility.


If you suspect a pregnancy, broken bone, or internal injury, call us now.

🐾 Dentistry

We provide both preventative and restorative dental services that include:

  • dental cleaning

  • full scaling and polishing

  • cleaning under the gumline

  • extraction of diseased or broken teeth

  • full-mouth dental x-rays


All our dental work is carried out with balanced, modern anaesthesia to keep your pet comfortable throughout the procedure. Your pet will also receive IV fluids during the procedure and while they’re here we’ll do a complimentary nail trim too.


Regular dentistry services along with daily tooth brushing will help your fur-baby stay healthy and avoid:

  • deterioration of soft tissue and bone

  • bad breath

  • loose teeth

  • build-up on the teeth

  • pawing at the face


Contact us today for your pet’s yearly dental checkup.

Veterinarian doctor cleaning cat's teeth with toothbrush in clinic, closeup.
Dog in the countryside laying on grass smiling

🐾 Lifestyle Consultations

The best way to take care of your pet’s medical problems is to make sure they don’t happen to begin with. Scheduling your pet for regular wellness and lifestyle consultations will enable you to make smarter choices for your pet and to keep them feeling healthy for longer. At Machray Animal Hospital we can help you to keep your pet healthy with regular wellness exams. We recommend annual (or every six months for senior pets) wellness visits, which include:

  • screening blood work

  • gait and movement assessment

  • check of heart and lungs

  • examination of eyes, ears, nose and mouth

  • abdominal and perineal checks

  • skin and hair/coat examination

  • body condition and temperature


We also offer weight management programmes and nutritional consulting and carry a variety of veterinarian-approved food and treats for sale.

🐾 Cat Grooming

We provide complete comb-outs or lion shaves for cats. Our grooming includes nail trims. Please note that most cats require sedation to get their grooming done.


Contact us to discuss your kitty’s grooming needs.

Cat getting brushed by groomer
Dog paws with a spot in the form of heart and human hand close up, top view.

🧡 End of Life Care

When injury, illness, or age calls your pet toward the rainbow bridge, we are here to help you with the process and options of euthanasia, cremation, and burial. Contact us when you think it’s time.

Happy pet and owner snuggling

Have a beloved pet?

Keep them healthy and happy with care from Machray Animal Hospital.

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