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We Get Your Pets at Machray Animal Hospital in Winnipeg

Part of the reason why we can offer our customers and their pets such great service is that our staff members are pet owners too; they have a deep understanding of the stresses and worries that come with pet ownership. We believe that the human-animal bond is something to be encouraged and nurtured, for everybody’s benefit. At Machray Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, we ALWAYS put your pets’ best interests first. Our facility is fully accredited by the MVMA; all of our vets are accredited by the CVMA and our health technologists are accredited by MAHTA. Machray Animal Hospital is also a Canadian Animal Blood Bank Donor Clinic Site.

Collaborative Care

In addition to working directly with pet owners and their companions we also work with, and maintain strong relationships with the wider animal-care community. We work with residential caregivers, animal groups as well as a number of rescue groups and shelters:

Animal Care Groups

A selection of some of the groups we work with at Machray Animal hospital:

dog and cat
cute kitten

Compassionate Care

We understand your pets’ needs at Machray Animal Hospital, M.B.

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House Rabbit Society

Is there anything cuter than a widdle wabbit? The folks at the House Rabbit Society don’t think so! Check out their site for great tips and useful information on caring for rabbits today.

This is the only place my pets will go.

“I have been going here for close to 20 years. The staff and services are excellent. I have a severe allergy to latex and they can and do accommodate me. I see how they handle my pets and they love the handling. I can't say enough nice things about this place. This is the only place my pets will go. My fiance was so impressed with the care given to my pets, he is transferring his pets there now. Bravo Machray!”


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