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About Machray Animal Hospital

The veterinarians and staff at Machray Animal Hospital are caring pet owners themselves, so we understand the stresses and worry that caring for a pet can bring. That’s why at our clinic we help you to understand your pet’s needs through collaborative veterinary care.


We believe preventative care is the best care, so we offer a lifestyle program to help you keep your fur-baby living its best life with you through a healthy diet, vaccinations, spay/neutering, exercise and stimulation, parasite control, and geriatric/palliative care.

  • Machray Animal Hospital is fully accredited by the MVMA.

  • All our vets are accredited by the CVMA.

  • Our health technologists are accredited by MAHTA.

Small animal paw held in the hands of veterinarian with latex gloves

Compassion Beyond Our Clinic

Grey cat with golden eyes being held by veterinarian

We know that not all furry babies have a home, which is why we work with and maintain strong relationships with the wider animal-care community, animal groups, and a number of rescue groups and shelters:

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