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Pet Food, Treats & More at Winnipeg’s Machray Animal Hospital

From preventative care to urgent care and illness, Machray Animal Hospital is here for you and your small animal companions. We offer comprehensive veterinary services in North-Central Winnipeg as well as an array of healthcare services and products that will help meet your furry companion’s needs.

Cats and a dog eating pet food from bowls
Natural dog treats

Food &Treats

We stock a great range of prescription veterinary diets for dogs and cats, mostly from Hills and Royal Canin. We also carry yummy, healthy treats and behavioural products as well as nutritional supplements.


  • Collars

  • Leashes

  • Harnesses

  • Pheromone Collars (dogs)

  • Pet Supplies

  • Food Puzzles

  • Gift Certificates

Dog and cat collars and leashes


The most common brands of pet products and supplies at Machray Animal Hospital are:

Hill's Pet Nutrition logo
Royal Canin logo
Rayne Nutrition logo
Feliway logo
Adaptil logo

To inquire about the products we carry or to make an appointment for your furpanion please contact us.​​

Healthy cute happy pet dog puppy chewing, eating snack treat

Looking for a Healthy Treat?

We carry a selection of training products and treats for your ball of love.

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