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Small Animal Surgical Services in North-Central Winnipeg

At Machray Animal Hospital, we have a heart for small animals and the training and experience to care for them. In addition to our full slate of preventative veterinary services, we offer an array of routine and non-elective surgeries for your pets in our North-Central Winnipeg clinic. Our surgical services include:

  • spay/neutering

  • paw and leg surgical attention

  • bites, cuts, punctures, and other soft tissue repair

  • removal of growths and bladder stones

  • biopsies

  • intestinal surgery

dog paw held in human hand with latex gloves
Small white dog at the animal hospital having bandage wrapped on leg

Compassionate & Professional

As animal guardians ourselves, we understand your care and concern for your pet. That’s why we make sure care is at the heart of all our veterinary practices. At Machray Animal Hospital, we follow the latest medical and surgical protocols and best practices. We provide safe and effective anaesthetic/analgesic control and use highly detailed, intraoperative monitoring to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure for your beloved pet.


Call today if your pet has been injured, seems ill, or requires spay/neutering. We’re here to help you both.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying is the surgical sterilization of a female pet, while neutering is for males. Both surgeries have many health benefits for your furry companion and can help them live longer and healthier lives without the furry offspring that you and/or local shelters are not able to care for.


  • prevents pregnancy

  • prevents pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus

  • reduces breast cancer risk

  • avoids the mess of heat cycles


  • eliminates the risk of testicular cancer

  • dramatically reduces the risk for perineal hernia and enlarged prostate

  • reduces roaming, fighting, humping and spraying

Small dog and cat at the veterinary clinic
Portrait of an adorbale mixed breed puppy

🐾 Canine Spay & Neuter

Spay and neutering for your dogs is safe and recommended. It is a commonly practiced procedure at our clinic that we approach with skill and compassion. Please visit our Forms page to find information on:

  • spay discharge instructions

  • canine neuter discharge instructions

🐾 Feline Spay & Neuter

Your cat will be cared for with pain medication, and we will provide you with complete instructions to help them heal at home. Please visit our Forms page to find:

  • spay discharge instructions

  • Feline Neuter Discharge Instructions

Grey cat on isolated white background
Happy dog and cat at home

🐾 Other Surgeries

In addition to spay/neutering surgeries, we offer urgent and specialized veterinary surgery for your small animal pet in our clinic. We provide on-site:

  • intestinal/liver biopsies

  • bladder stone removal

  • tumour removal

  • soft tissue repair

  • leg/paw repair


If required, we bring in a board certified veterinary surgeon to carry out more specialized orthopedic and soft tissue procedures.


Call us today to inquire about your fur-baby’s surgical needs.

Happy cat and owner at home

Does Fluffy Need Surgery?

Our staff includes veterinary surgeons.

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